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.no Domain

.no domains are the official top level domain names for Norway.

Applicant must represent an organisation listed in Norway's Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities (Enhetsregisteret).

Special characters (IDN) are allowed.

You can check and register .no domains here.

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.no logo.svg
Introduced 1983
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Norid
Sponsor Norid
Intended use Entities connected with
Actual use Very popular in Norway; most sites are in second-level names rather than the various third-level registrations available
Registered domains 735,243 (August 2017)[1]
Registration restrictions Open to organisations and individuals in Norway; specific sub-domains have varied requirements; limit of 100 second-level registrations per organization; lower limit for individuals
Structure Registrations can be made at the second level, or at third level beneath various geographic and generic second-level names
Documents Domain name policy for .no
Dispute policies Complaint procedure
Registry Website Norid

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