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Varnish helps to scale & speed up dynamic websites too

Dynamic websites, like blogs, shops, cms and more can also profit from Varnish Cache proxy. Such websites usually use a lot of server power for generating the pages to deliver - however this can become too much when a lot of users visit such a website at the same time. The servers then just can't hold up and your site will render unavailable - exactly at the point when you need it least.

Varnish can help you by caching dynamic pages too for a specific time, since also their content does not change so frequent, saving valuable power of your servers to serve on the pages that have to be rendered on time.

On a shop website for instance, product pages, imprints, shipping information and help sections usually do not change every second, but rather every few hours, days or even weeks. Varnish can cache and deliver these pages instead of your servers easily.

Blogs and CMS can use an approach to cache their article pages fully or partially for a certain time, allowing more users to retrieve them with less server power involved. Still commenting stays fully available.

This way Varnish can easily speed up your dynamic website and free valuable server power for better scalabiliy.

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