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How can it help me?

Varnish Cache can help you in multiple ways, depending on your current or planned website. After all, it helps you reducing your costs in your serving servers, no matter if they are on a shared hosting, virtual or dedicated server or even on a cluster environment.

Server power is expensive. Nowadays websites are highly dynamic and build pages on-the-fly when a user visits them. This requires server power and that adds up with each user that visits your website at the same time. However 50-90% of all the requests your servers are dealing with are not dynamic pages, but static content, like images, Javascript files, movies, audio files and such. These files do not change as often and fast as webpages - Varnish allows you for offloading them from your servers and have them delivered from Varnish instead. This way your servers can concentrate on the real work and you save valuable server power.

This way, Varnish acts as your own Content Delivery Network (CDN).

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